Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

In the State of Michigan, we have a large number of private vocational schools.  Each of these has different curricula, methods of instruction and employment objectives for their students.

These schools must meet the needs of the students, the demands of the employers and the requirements of the State Licensing Boards.

While each has its own objective and place in the educational scheme of the State, there are certain fundamental characteristics common to all.  It is within these common goals that MACCS seeks to make the private occupational schools an even more important part of the total education program for the State of Michigan.

A strong State organization depends upon a membership vigilant in individual and collective integrity and dedicated to training people meaningful occupations.

The MACCS Board of Directors has therefore established the following Code of Ethics for all present and future members of this organization.

  1. The member school must be State licensed and be in compliance with local, state and federal laws were applicable.
  2. The member school shall have met the requirements for licensing or approval for a minimum of six months prior to application for membership.
  3. The member school shall reflect financial business soundness of operation.
  4. The member school shall have fair and proper admission and enrollment practices in terms of educational benefits to the students consistent with state and/or federal laws.
  5. The member school shall demonstrate satisfactory student progress so that successful completion will lead to employer acceptance.
  6. The faculty must be capable, by reason of education and/or experience in the field, to instruct the student toward the occupational goals of the course.
  7. The instructional materials of the course must be modern, comprehensive and subject related.  All printed materials are to be accurate and reflect current knowledge and practices.
  8. The member school should clearly state its objectives and demonstrate overall ability to meet them.
  9. The member school should provide and maintain adequate physical facilities, classroom and laboratories.
  10. All advertising materials, catalogs and brochures are to be truthful and representative of the school and its training objectives. Catalogs must contain course description, entrance requirements, length of course, refund policy, and any other pertinent information to give the student an  accurate description of the course and school.
  11. All student applicants must meet the following minimum entrance requirements:
    1. Be capable of meeting the course objectives and the employer's requirements upon graduation.
    2. Know what is expected in terms of grades, attendance, and punctuality.
  12. Each member school agrees to the following:
    1. To maintain student records for a minimum of five years
    2. To provide adequate placement services and records
    3. To avoid any overt or implied claims of job guarantee upon complete of training
    4. To support the aims and objectives of the Michigan Association of Career Colleges and Schools.
  13. The member school provides students with administrative accounting.

Please printout the New Member Code of Ethics form read it over sign and date and send along with membership form.

Download Code of Ethics (pdf)