Member Benefits

Member Benefits

What value do you receive as a member of MACCS?

The ability to network with other independent school owners and administrators.

  • Learn from others in the school business.
  • Work together to ensure quality training throughout the sector.

Be part of a group that shares common interests in legislative and regulatory matters.

  • Ensure our sector is included in state programs and new initiatives.

Added students in your school resulting from the MACCS website.  The website:

  • Includes a member school directory with a dynamic three-way school search by school name, city, or program.
  • Is regularly updated on all major search engines with ranking analysis.
  • Each member receives a five-page custom website at no additional cost.
    • Two optional website upgrades are available with enhanced features
    • The MACCS website attracts an average 350 visitors per month.
    • Forwards inquiries directly to your school.
  • Provides members a calendar of upcoming events and a "secure" bulletin board for members only.
  • Highlights a member school each month with a one-page article and photo.

What can you provide MACCS?

Your support and willingness to get involved. An effective association is measured not by its size, but by the strength and Commitment of its membership.

MACCS Officers and Board of Directors

  • President  - Patricia Fischer, Dorsey Schools
  • Vice-President - Joe Belliotti, Everest Institute
  • Past President - Joe Belliotti, Everest Institute
  • Secretary-Treasurer - Leon Gust, Detroit Business Institute
  • Board Members - Sharon McCaughrin, The Academy of Court Reporting
  • Kurt Mayry, Motion Picture Institute
  • Jonathan Liebman, Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts

To view a printable PDF of Member Benefits, please click here.