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MACCS Announces Scholarship Winners

MADISON HEIGHTS, MI – NOVEMBER 3, 2014 – The Michigan Association of Career Colleges and Schools (MACCS) has announced the recipients of the fall 2014 MACCS Scholarship: 


Shanetta Barnes (Detroit) of the Detroit Business Institute

Shannon Hall (Belding) of Everest Institute

Makenzi Leinhart (Farmington Hills) of The Art Institute of Michigan

Caitlyn Martin (Portage) of Ross Medical Education Center

Christina Payne (Warren) of Dorsey Schools

Aeron Sanchez (Detroit) of Motion Picture Institute. 


About the MACCS Scholarship 

The MACCS Scholarship honors six students each year in the fall and the spring with $500 to put towards education expenses.  The scholarship aims to recognize students who have overcome adversity in their journey to achieve their career goals and reward them for choosing a MACCS member school for their training.  A committee selected the winners based upon personal achievements and academic success. 


“It’s an honor to recognize these very deserving students,” says Kurt Mayry, MACCS President.  “They are just a small sample of the many hard-working students we serve across our member schools in Michigan. We hope this scholarship will reward them both personally and financially for their dedication in pursuing their chosen career.”


MACCS will be recognizing the winning students in a reception to be held on Friday, November 7, at the Dorsey Schools campus in Roseville, Michigan.


Dorsey Culinary Academy Congratulates Chef Schellig

The Dorsey Culinary Academy is proud to announce that Chef Schellig has met the National Knowledge and Skills Standards of the ACF and earned the certification of Certified Executive Chef. Congratulations Chef Schellig!

Winter Culinary Salon at Dorsey!

What an exciting weekend at Dorsey Culinary Academy! Chefs from around the Midwest and East Coast traveled on a snowy Friday evening to participate in the Winter Culinary Salon II hosted by Dorsey Culinary Academy in conjunction with the Michigan Chefs de Cuisine Association! Read More.