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Thanks to the life and teachings of Paul Mitchell, the legendary hair designer, product innovator, and salon educator, careers in hair design today can be both personally and financially rewarding. Following your beauty school education as a Paul Mitchell-traned professional, you can realize your artistic dreams and work as a beauty professional almost anywhere in the world. Whether you choose to create fashion behind a chair in the salon; own your own salon or spa business; or opt for the excitement of a career in fashion, feature film, TV, or product education, a Paul Mitchell School will help you reach your artistic, technical, and lifestyle goals.

A New, Exciting Life is Right Around the Corner!

Paul Mitchell the School Michigan (located in Sterling Height, Michigan) cosmetology classes feature design, hair cutting, coloring, multicultural techniques, makeup, fashion trends, manicuring, pedicuring, basic facial, and the art of hairdressing. Our three-phase program we call Core, Adaptive, and Creative, break you education into three interlocking pieces, structured to be taught concurrently using the revolutionary Multiple Intelligences technique. You will be able to learn carefully and thoroughly with your Paul Mitchell family there to help you with every hurdle, making sure you never fall behind.

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