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Career School vs Traditional University

What’s the right fit?

Students have more choices than ever when it comes to education and it can be challenging to determine the right fit. Unfortunately there is no one right answer as it varies from student to student.  There are pros and cons to both career colleges and traditional universities. Some of the main differences are highlighted below:

Career School Traditional University
Complete in 2 years or less Complete in 4 years
Focus on specific job training Focus on broad knowledge base
Flexible schedules for working students Better suited for full-time students
Programs focused on fastest growing occupational categories Broad range of programs
Admission is more open Stricter admission requirements

The main advantage students find with a career school is that they receive focused, specific training within a short amount of time.  This is often ideal for students who need to join the workforce as soon as possible.  According to theUS Bureau of Labor Statistics, over half of the 20 fastest growing occupational categories between 2008 and 2018 require less than a four-year degree.   This means that students who obtain training through a career college will be highly marketable for these in-demand fields. MACCS member schools can prepare you for a successful career inmany of today’s fastest growing occupations.  All of our member schools are accredited which means that they voluntarilychoose to be evaluated by standards established at one of many Accrediting Commissions.  This gives you peace of mindknowing that you are receiving the highest level of career-focused education and training.

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